Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Skyline Trailer (December 2010) It is SUCKS!!!!

The trailer looks good but the movie is sucks!!!!! Quite sometime didn't come across this kind of terrible movie since "Dragonball The Movie". 

The movie is a combination of "War of the World", "Independence Day" and "The Matrix". The storyline is weak and the worst part is the LONG and BORING story of the actors and actresses... meaningless to me. The ending is ridiculous... looks like the story will be continued in 'Skyline 2'??? Come on...

In conclusion, kind of piss off with this movie and it has wasted my time and money to watch it in the cinema... no more this kind of lousy movie please!!!!

My Last Weekend

My sister came from Penang and visited me last weekend. So, have to be a tourist guard and bring her around...

Feeding Time in Jong's Crocodile Farm, Kuching (Feeding time is at 10am and 3pm daily) The entrance fee for Sarawakian is RM10, other than that is RM16 (Foreigners and West Malaysians)

Feeding Time in Jong's Crocodile Farm, Kuching (Ready for the jump...)

Damai Beach, Santubong

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lantern/ Mooncake Festival @ Carpenter Street, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

These photos were taken on the night of 20th September 2010. The shopping and cultural street is an annual event held at Carpenter Street for about a week before Lantern/ Mooncake Festival. 

Carpenter Street is located not far from Kuching CBD. About 5 minutes walking distance from Hilton Hotel and just in-front of Harbor View Hotel. 

In West Malaysia, people always talk about the concept of One Malaysia but all and all, they just do the talking. In Sarawak, people don't talk about One Malaysia but do it. From the photos below, we can see that although it is a festival of Chinese ethnic group, other ethnic groups also celebrating with the Chinese and showcase the cultural dance and music on the street. This is what we call 'One Malaysia'!!!

There are only 2 entrances, this is one of them

The Chinese Temple

One Malaysia Lantern

The Street

Full of local people and tourists

Malay dance by Uncles and Aunties, dancing all night, must have a good stamina

One of the stalls

Music performance from the Chinese

The showcase of Malay Wedding

Musical performance from the Indigenous Group

The old building...