Friday, September 24, 2010

How to shot full moon photos (Step by Step)

By follow the following steps, you should be able to shot a full moon photo:
1. A DSLR/ camera that you can adjust the setting such as the Aperture and Shutter Speed
2. Tripod
3. Wire/ wireless shutter release
4. Switch your camera setting to Manual 'M'
5. Set ISO 100
6. F/13
7. Shutter speed around 1/350 sec
8. Focal length: Maximum (the longer the better) 18-55mm kit lens would not be enough
9. Switch off IS (canon) or VR (Nikon) since your camera is on the tripod. Could try mirror lock as well to avoid vibration.
10. Shot the photo and check it from your LCD screen, if it is too bright or too dark, just try to slightly increase or decrease the Aperture or Shutter Speed.

The following are the photos i shot on 23rd September 2010 using Canon 1000D + EFS 55-250mm:

ISO 100
Focal Length 250mm

ISO 400
Focal Length 250mm

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beyond "MEET THE FANS 歌迷见面会" @ The Spring, Kuching!!! 黄贯中 & 黄家强

Beyond was in The Spring, Kuching, Sarawak on the 18th September 2010. The time stated on the banner was 7.00pm but 黄贯中 & 黄家强 came on stage at about 7.40pm. 

The concert has postponed from 2nd October 2010 to 15th Jan 2011 @ Perpaduan Indoor Stadium. For those who already bought the tickets, just keep it and can be used for the new date.

It was full of memory when their popular song were playing before they came on the stage!!! LOVE YOU, BEYOND!!!! 

For online booking, please check this out!!!

The Stage @ The Spring, Kuching

Fans are playing game and singing Beyond's song

Here they are!!! Same face expression...

Answering questions...

Playing game with the fans...

Photo with the fans...

Signature session

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hungry Ghost Festival Stage Performance in Penang 2010 (Pepper Estate)

Hungry ghost festival in 2010 was from 10th August to 7th September. Every year, local Chinese will have a ritual ceremony and stage performance during the festival. At the place where i growth up, Pepper Estate, two nights of Chinese Opera and two nights singing performance have been held at the entrance of the housing area. I missed the Chinese Opera part as i was going somewhere else with my parents and i almost miss the singing part. When i reach home from outside, the singer has only two songs left, so, i ran down to the entrance with my camera and take some photos of the performance, haha. 

I had missed the festival for few years in a row (can't really recall how many years) due to studying in other places such as Kedah, Kelantan, Sarawak and Adelaide. This time, during my one week holiday in Penang, i take the opportunity to take some photos and share with everyone the unique annual event of Penang.

Stage Performance

Stage Performance

Stage Performance

The spectators, majority of them are local people who staying in Pepper Estate

The spectators and the ritual place

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beyond "MEET THE FANS 歌迷见面会" at The Spring, Kuching, Sarawak

"MEET THE FANS 歌迷见面会" 18 SEPT 2010 / 7pm / The Spring Mall Kuching

Free Photo Recovery Software

This free software is so amazing!!!! It is only 4 Mb but powerful enough to recover photos from my memory card. No matter you have already formatted your card, deleted the photos or corrupted, it could recover them back for you, so amazing. However, one of the drawbacks is, it will only recover jpg file.     

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Funny Notice in Penang...

I got this notice in one of the simulation game shops in Gurney Plaza. When i read the Chinese part, i got what it means but when i look at the English one,  i totally have no idea what it wants to deliver and it will be really ridiculous for those who can't read Chinese. I'll go back there again before leaving Penang to see whether they have change it or not...

This is is from one of the CD shops in One Stop Midlands Park, Penang. What i wanna ask is... what kind of games could stimulate a gamer??? Stimulator and Simulator, the meaning is difference man...