Friday, September 24, 2010

How to shot full moon photos (Step by Step)

By follow the following steps, you should be able to shot a full moon photo:
1. A DSLR/ camera that you can adjust the setting such as the Aperture and Shutter Speed
2. Tripod
3. Wire/ wireless shutter release
4. Switch your camera setting to Manual 'M'
5. Set ISO 100
6. F/13
7. Shutter speed around 1/350 sec
8. Focal length: Maximum (the longer the better) 18-55mm kit lens would not be enough
9. Switch off IS (canon) or VR (Nikon) since your camera is on the tripod. Could try mirror lock as well to avoid vibration.
10. Shot the photo and check it from your LCD screen, if it is too bright or too dark, just try to slightly increase or decrease the Aperture or Shutter Speed.

The following are the photos i shot on 23rd September 2010 using Canon 1000D + EFS 55-250mm:

ISO 100
Focal Length 250mm

ISO 400
Focal Length 250mm

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