Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Clipsal 500 V8 Supercars Adelaide (2008)

Discovered some of my old photos while studying in Adelaide and this one is about V8 Supercars. Decided to go and watch the race for the first time not only because of the supercars but because of Santana!!! I love Santana very much and they only performed on the last day of the race, which is Sunday, and Sunday's ticket is the most expensive one...

These photos really make me recall all the old memories...

Testing the racing gear box



I love Santana!!! Never think that i have an opportunity to watch their live performance, even from quite a distance... Yeah!!!!!

Oh Maria Maria, She reminds me of a west side story, Growing up in Spanish Harlem, She living the life just like a movie star (WOW!!!)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Buy iPhone 4S Directly From Apple Online Store!!!

If you don't like to be tied up by the telco contract, now you can buy an Unlocked iPhone 4S (Black and White) directly from the Apple Online Store Malaysia. Each customer is only allow to buy not more than two units.

The price:
iPhone 4S 16GB = RM2199
iPhone 4S 32GB = RM2499
iPhone 4S 64GB = RM2799

Interested? Click here for more information!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note - Digi and Celcom Package

Samsung GALAXY Note


RRP: RM2,299
Recommended Plan:
DG Smart Plan™ 68
(with auto-billing)

Name Monthly Fee Voice Call SMS MMS Data
DG Smart Plan™ 48
(With Auto Billing)
15 sen/ min 10 sen/ SMS 20 sen/ MMS 1GB

DG Smart Plan™ 68
(With Auto Billing)
15 sen/ min 10 sen/ SMS 20 sen/ MMS 3GB



  • Exec Plan
Samsung Galaxy Note
RRP: RM2,299
Celcom Exec 50 +
Celcom Broadband mBasic
Celcom Exec 50 +
Celcom Broadband mAdvance
Celcom Exec 250
Monthly Commitment RM 88 RM 108 RM 250
Data FUP 1GB 3GB 5GB
Upfront payment RM 300 RM 300 RM 600
12 months contract RM 1,818 RM 1,778 RM 1,668
18 months contract RM 1,748 RM 1,698 RM 1,368

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello Kitty Sweets Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan (March 2011)

Is it true that every girl loves Hello Kitty? or at least must visit Hello Kitty Restaurant once in a life time??? How to get there? You could find the map from the internet and my advice is using the main road to go to this restaurant. Don't use the small roads and junction as it took us more time to ask people the right way...

Standing at the entrance, waiting for my wife and my sister in law to take photo...

The interior, very nice!!!



The waitress

When we were ordering, the waitress asked us whether do we need a candle with the cake. Since the candle is free, we just said ok. When the cake arrived, the restaurant started to play the Happy Birthday song and everyone looking at us and guessing who's brithday was that... in fact, no ones birthday, just a misunderstood, hahaha!!!  

Another waitress

The milk shake

The menu

Checking some photos using my iPad

The front counter

The toilet

Looks unhappy with her job... haha

Friday, November 4, 2011

Samsung GALAXY S 2 (Digi Promotion only in November 2011)

Vivid. Fast. Slim. Get it this November and enjoy DG Smart Plan™ 48 at only RM28/month!
RRP: RM1,899
Key Features:
  • Android™ OS 2.3 Gingerbread
  • EDGE / GPRS Class 12 / HSPA + 21Mbps / HSUPA 5.76Mbps
  • 16GB memory
  • 8 MP camera with auto-focus & LED flash
1. Digi Smart Plan 48 (Pay only RM28 Monthly after auto billing rebate) Data: 1GB
2. Digi Smart Plan 68 (Pay only RM38 Monthly after auto billing rebate) Data: 3GB

Click here for more info!!!



Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane

The trip was in February 2009 when i was attending a one week summer school at the University of Queensland. According to the sign board, it is the largest koala sancatuary in the world. By looking at the number of koalas in the wild life parks that i had visited, this park is the winner!!!

Waiting for the bus to go to Lone Pine

On the bus with my friends.

Sleeping koala

Sleeping koala

In the process of getting the koala in to my arm...

Like a baby

Sleeping koala

The close-up of a kangaroo

With the kangaroo

At the entrance

Queen Street, Brisbane