Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello Kitty Sweets Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan (March 2011)

Is it true that every girl loves Hello Kitty? or at least must visit Hello Kitty Restaurant once in a life time??? How to get there? You could find the map from the internet and my advice is using the main road to go to this restaurant. Don't use the small roads and junction as it took us more time to ask people the right way...

Standing at the entrance, waiting for my wife and my sister in law to take photo...

The interior, very nice!!!



The waitress

When we were ordering, the waitress asked us whether do we need a candle with the cake. Since the candle is free, we just said ok. When the cake arrived, the restaurant started to play the Happy Birthday song and everyone looking at us and guessing who's brithday was that... in fact, no ones birthday, just a misunderstood, hahaha!!!  

Another waitress

The milk shake

The menu

Checking some photos using my iPad

The front counter

The toilet

Looks unhappy with her job... haha


  1. it is not true ...i never like Hello Kitty, and i don't think I want to go to its restaurant LOL ...having said that, your photos are lovely ...and the interior of the restaurant is also very nicely decorated ...and food presentation memang meletops :-)

  2. mana ada garang ...very diplomatic punya response lah tu :-)

  3. adoiii...cantik sgt interior nya...dont like hello kitty jugak...tapi nak makan dalam tu ...