Friday, May 20, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because it is Nippon Paint!!!

I like Nippon Paint because it is Nippon Paint. Yes, the brand is well known and the quality is superb. I used Nippon Paint to paint my living room and master bedroom. 

When choosing color for my living room theme wall, sharp tone was my main priority. After comparing several brands, my wife and i have decided to choose Nippon Paint and the color is Nippon 1044T Spiny Green with the satin glow finishing. Another factor of choosing Nippon Paint is because of the TV advertisement which the four Nippon Paint Avatars keep on singing 'Nippon Paint'!!!

In my memory, paint will create a kind of smell or odor after applied it on the wall but it doesn't happen on Nippon Paint. Even the paint is not belong to the category of 'Odorless'. It really impressed me as there is no smell at all and the Satin Glow finishing is really shinny. Keep in mind that to have that kind of effect, minimum of two layers have to be applied on the wall.      

Thursday, May 5, 2011

iPhone 4 (White Colour) Celcom is available in Malaysia by 14th May 2011

Celcom iPhone 4 will be available in Sarawak by 7th may 2011 and the White iPhone 4 will be available in the whole Malaysia by 14th May 2011. 

The package for Celcom Business Exec iPhone 4 is as follow:

Celcom Exec i98 Celcom Exec i148 Celcom Exec i248
Monthly Commitment RM 98 RM 148 RM 248
Package Comprises
FREE Calls to other networks 100 mins 250 mins 500 mins
FREE Calls within network 6000 mins
FREE Data 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB
FREE SMS 200 SMS 400 SMS 600 SMS
Voice RM 0.15 RM 0.12 RM 0.10
SMS RM 0.10 to all networks
MMS RM 0.20 to all networks

iPhone 4 16GB (RRP RM2,190) iPhone 4 32GB (RRP RM2,590)
12 Months 24 Months 12 Months 24 Months
Device Price
Celcom Exec i98 RM 1,438 RM 1,148 RM 1,738 RM 1,448
Celcom Exec i148 RM 1,288 RM 848 RM 1,588 RM 1,148
Celcom Exec i248 RM 988 RM 248 RM 1,288 RM 538
Upfront Payment
Celcom Exec i98 RM 300 RM 420 RM 300 RM 420
Celcom Exec i148 RM 300 RM 600 RM 300 RM 600
Celcom Exec i248 RM 720 RM 1,200 RM 720 RM 1,200
Total Device Price + Plan Upfront Payment
Celcom Exec i98 RM 1,738 RM 1,568 RM 2,038 RM 1,868
Celcom Exec i148 RM 1,588 RM 1,448 RM 1,888 RM 1,748
Celcom Exec i248 RM 1,708 RM 1,448 RM 2,008 RM 1,738

If you are a Xpax user, you might wondering whether are you eligible for the prepaid plan. The answer is Yes!!! You can buy the iPhone 4 with the price of RM2190 (16GB) or RM2590 (32GB). Then every month you have to reload at least RM50 to get a 1GB data free as follow:
Get an iPhone 16GB at RM2,190 Reload at least
RM 50
every month
Enjoy FREE calls within
the same network
every month up to
12 months
Enjoy 1GB FREE Data
every month for up to
12 months
Get an iPhone 32GB at RM2,590

So, are you going to get an iPhone 4 or waiting for iPhone 5??? 

All information obtained from Celcom website. For further information, please visit Celcom iPhone