Friday, May 20, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because it is Nippon Paint!!!

I like Nippon Paint because it is Nippon Paint. Yes, the brand is well known and the quality is superb. I used Nippon Paint to paint my living room and master bedroom. 

When choosing color for my living room theme wall, sharp tone was my main priority. After comparing several brands, my wife and i have decided to choose Nippon Paint and the color is Nippon 1044T Spiny Green with the satin glow finishing. Another factor of choosing Nippon Paint is because of the TV advertisement which the four Nippon Paint Avatars keep on singing 'Nippon Paint'!!!

In my memory, paint will create a kind of smell or odor after applied it on the wall but it doesn't happen on Nippon Paint. Even the paint is not belong to the category of 'Odorless'. It really impressed me as there is no smell at all and the Satin Glow finishing is really shinny. Keep in mind that to have that kind of effect, minimum of two layers have to be applied on the wall.      


  1. Wow !!! Quite a homosexual room you have.... who paints their walls pink??

  2. Love the bright colours, i think its a great choice. Keep it up, such a mood lifting combination ^^

  3. your house looks quite similar to mine! :D