Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tian Yuan Temple (天元宮) - Taiwan

A good thing in Taiwan is almost everywhere is tourist friendly. Below is one of the examples. We wanted to go to Tian Yuan Temple (天元宮) to see Sakura.Thus, going there by MRT is one of the options. At first, we thought we should stop at Hongshulin MRT Station. Before leaving the station, a man standing at the entrance, holding a board to remind the tourists that we should stop at Danshui MRT Station if we want to go to Tian Yuan Temple (天元宮).  

On the way...

Another good thing in Taiwan is free transport to Tian Yuan Temple (天元宮) from Danshui MRT Station. Actually there is another station located opposite this stop with less people lining up but of course, it is not free. That's why so many people lining up here for the free bus.

Take a photo first while waiting for the bus...

On the bus and on the way to the temple. No place for us to sit because it is full and we have to stand just next to the door... that's why i'm able to take this photo... haha

Here it is!!!

Walking up the hill to look for Sakura...

Many food stalls at the road side while o the way up... cheap and tasty

The Temple


Haha, i like this one...

Baby or puppy???

The Trio

After back to Danshui MRT Station, we went to Danshui Old Street 淡水老街 for sigh seeing and lunch which will be posted later. 

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