Wednesday, June 8, 2011

淡水老街 DanShui Old Street, Taiwan

As a continue from my previous post about Tian Yuan Temple (天元宮), we went to 淡水老街 DanShui Old Street after coming down from 天元宮.

At first, i thought 淡水老街 DanShui Old Street is just a street and i was wondering what can i see over there. In fact, there are many shops along not only one but two streets and things are selling in a reasonable price.

On the way to 淡水老街 DanShui Old Street

Looking for lunch

Iron Eggs 鐵蛋
According to Wikipedia, Iron Eggs are eggs that have been repeatedly stewed in a mix of spices and air-dried. The resulting eggs are dark brown, chewy and full of flavor compared to normal boiled eggs.

A century old shop selling healthy drink

NTD10, sorry to say, it is tasteless... 

Everywhere is food stalls in Taiwan

Full of people at 淡水老街 DanShui Old Street

Shopping at 淡水老街 DanShui Old Street

淡水老街 DanShui Old Street

Bikini each for NTD190 - 390

Cute socks...

For our new home

Stinky Taofu 臭豆腐 is behind me... The smell is not as strong as the Hong Kong one...

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