Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Clipsal 500 V8 Supercars Adelaide (2008)

Discovered some of my old photos while studying in Adelaide and this one is about V8 Supercars. Decided to go and watch the race for the first time not only because of the supercars but because of Santana!!! I love Santana very much and they only performed on the last day of the race, which is Sunday, and Sunday's ticket is the most expensive one...

These photos really make me recall all the old memories...

Testing the racing gear box



I love Santana!!! Never think that i have an opportunity to watch their live performance, even from quite a distance... Yeah!!!!!

Oh Maria Maria, She reminds me of a west side story, Growing up in Spanish Harlem, She living the life just like a movie star (WOW!!!)

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