Monday, January 2, 2012

Lundu & Sematan Trip (Kuching, Sarawak) with Colleagues and Students (3rd Dec 2011)

Actually it was Regina's class trip to bring the 3rd year students of Development Planning and Management Program, FSS, UNIMAS to Lundu and Sematan for completing their assignment. Christopher and I were just assisting her in taking care of the students. 

I have been to Lundu before but it was my first time to Sematan. I love the Sematan's beach very much and you can see from the following photos.

This is the Chinese Temple in Lundu. Looks like we were in China... haha

With the students and also their lecturer, Regina. Can you spot her? Haha, all look like students!!!

Smoky mountain..



Saw this river while walking from Sematan Town to the beach...

Students as my background...

Christopher is walking towards the sea...

Rain is coming...

Yeah!!! Enjoy the trip very much!!!


  1. I have almost almost forgotten that my friend's name is REgina...he..he..
    Nice pictures Bemen...where is pic of your little one?
    Congratulations okays!

  2. Haha, thanks Liz. Pic of the little one will be published later.

  3. Liz, sampai hati you ....ngko ingat ejin jer ke????

    Bemen: cantik gambar kat pantai tu time i buat trip lagi korang join lah lagi me to jaga the students and at the same time jalan jalan ....we choose a different destination pula ...