Thursday, January 19, 2012

Logos Hope at Kuching (November 2011)

Visited the Logos Hope on the 5th Nov 2011 while it docked at the Kuching Port.

 We visited the ship on Saturday and this is the consequence...

 Creative work 


 The 132-meter long ship

After boarding and before going any further, everyone needs to attend a short briefing which explained the value of the books and facilities on board.

Obviously, not concentrate on the briefing...

History and photos

Check it out... haha

The world largest floating bookstore with more than 500K titles on board. I bought some books here including a book called 'SOC' which only cost me RM2.00. I love the content so much as it is related to sociology and even explain some elements of doing social research.  

My wife, baby and the story board...

 Some notes

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