Friday, December 10, 2010

Apple iPad Wifi or iPad 3G Review (Showing the way to save your money)

As listed in my previous post, the price of iPad in Malaysia is as follow: 
Wi-Fi only: RM1,549 (16GB); RM1,849 (32GB); RM2,149 (64GB)
Wi-Fi + 3G: RM1,999 (16GB); RM2,299 (32GB) and RM2,599 (64GB)

Just take an example of iPad 32GB. Wifi only model is RM1849 and the 3G model is RM2299, the difference is RM450. 

In terms of convenience, the 3G model does it all for you. However, you can convert your Wifi only model into 3G model as well by using Wifi Modem which offering by Malaysia Telco namely Maxis, Digi and Umobile

The Digi package allows you to buy the Wifi Modem for RM360. The monthly commitment is RM128 for 16GB. In other words, you save RM90 from not buying the iPad 3G model.   

The Maxis Package allows you to buy the Wifi Modem (E5832) for RM280 with anyone of the broadband plan (6 months contract). Other than that, you have to pay RM100 activation fee as well. So, the final price is RM380 and you still save RM70 from not buying the iPad 3G model. 

In conclusion, U Mobile has the cheapest plan for the Wifi Modem (or so called Mifi). However, the broadband coverage of U Mobile is very limited in Malaysia and no coverage at all in Sarawak. Maxis has the biggest coverage i suppose. 

So, if you wanna be convenience without taking a small wifi modem around, iPad 3G model is your choice. If you wanna save RM70 to RM90 and don't mind to bring a small wifi modem around, you should go for iPad without 3G. For myself, i bought iPad 32GB Wifi and subscribed to Maxis Wifi Modem (E5832). So far i'm happy with the modem as i can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. I can use it for my iPad, iPhone, PSP and whatever devices which have wifi connection.    

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