Thursday, January 13, 2011

'Sumbangsaran' Faculty of Social Sciences Unimas @ Riverside Majestic Hotel Kuching Sarawak

The meeting was organized by Faculty of Social Sciences Unimas on the 5th and 6th of January 2011.

First day of the meeting. According to the tentative program, the dress code is casual smart. So this is what i wear. When arrived at the meeting room, everyone is wearing working attire... then i thought i had dressed wrongly. Luckily in the welcome speech, the dean says that my outfit is correct, the rest are wrong coz too formal, hahaha.

We have few new staffs who just joined FSS, so they have to introduce themselves to the faculty...

Meeting of the early session

Then lunch. Welcome by the new waitresses... hahaha

The afternoon session which chaired by the dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr Spencer


The service of this hotel is excellence but the food... need improvement...

Karaoke by Assoc. Prof. Dr Andrew 

My first malay song on stage... luckily helped by Alif...

Breakfast... again, the food needs improvement...

Second day meeting...

Getting tired...

The admin staffs who did all the hard works.

Group photo

View from my room

View of Kuching from Riverside Majestic Hotel

In overall, it was a very productive meeting and should be organized annually... maybe monthly... hahahaha!!!


  1. Balik sumbangsaran nie lah i terus demam ...hahahaha ...but it was memorable! Especially part you nyanyi Lagu Getaran Jiwa ...very sporting!