Friday, March 25, 2011

Look at Taiwan from a Tourist Eyes...

I just back from my Taiwan Trip, about 7 days, and would like to share my feeling about Taiwan as a tourist.

Like my other vacations, the first person I talked to when arrived at the airport was the airport staff who stationed at the information counter. I was totally impressed with Taiwanese manner which is really really polite. An exact opposite side of some other countries I have visited (Regina, u know what I mean). Even the hawker at the side of the road, as I asked this lady who were selling cloths in front of the bus station, where is the entrance of the MRT station. In a very polite manner, she showed me the way and asked me (with a smile), do you know how to use the MRT? 

To me, Taiwanese are really discipline, friendly and polite. Maybe Japan has a strong influence on them because of the occupancy before 1945. 

However, for those foreigners who can not read Chinese, it would be slightly difficult to shop especially at the night market, although most of the shopping centers and MRT Stations have English words on the information and direction board.   

The next thing to remind tourists is the toilet flushing system in Taiwan. Never ever throw the used toilet paper into the toilet bowl, yes even after your 'BIG Business'. There is a small bin in every toilet for you to throw away the used toilet paper. WHY? Because it will be blocking the bowl. It happens at most of the place where there are many tourists, even in the the airport. 

That's all what I wanna say... In fact I'm sitting in 1 Borneo now to write this blog and will be going back to Kuching on tomorrow. Photos are on the way, so stay tune... 


  1. Yes, very true Bemen ...our first impressions of a country or a place that we visited are always influenced by our first contact at our port of calls...and yes, there are countries that are let down by their ignorant and unfriendly staffs or inefficient customer service ...* I know which country you are refering to... LOL