Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Research Trip to Pos Senderut, Kuala Lipis, Pahang (6th - 14th August 2011)

This was our research trip to Pos Senderut in August and the main purpose was to identify and train the enumerators for the questionnaire survey. 

The overall living standard in Pos Senderut, Pahang is higher than Pos Gob, Kelantan as there are more infra here compared to Gob. There is a primary school in Kampung Kuala Senderut with more than 30 teachers. However, some issues occurred among students, parents and teachers which i'll elaborate in my e-bario conference paper later.   

On the way...

A beautiful morning at Kampung Kuala Senderut 
 The artists in Orang Asli Village

The Primary School

Visiting the local to explain to them about our survey

The Shelter

Training session

The local and his BUBU (he can finish it in 2 days time)

Accompanying one of my enumerators to conduct the questionnaire survey


We will be back to the village in September 2011 to collect the questionnaires and i'm really looking forward to meet the nice and friendly people again!!!


  1. i know this place...:D... lalu sg.koyan kan nak masuk sini..?

  2. great research experience kan Bemen ....pas nie nak tengok posting pasal Pos Bala pulak :-)

  3. Gracie, yes, the entrance is along the oil palm plaintation.

    Ejin, I'm not going to Pos Balar lah. I'm going back to Senderut again in few weeks time.

  4. yea... sebenarnya sya pernah tnggal di sg.koyan for 5-6 years. So, tau serba sdikit psl mereka. :D