Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UNIMAS Convocation of Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (27th Jan 2012)

The convocation was held in Hilton Hotel Kuching on the 27th Jan 2012.

The first question you may ask is... what is PgDip?

Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (PGDip) programme is an internal staff development programme specifically designed for its newly hired academics and junior lecturers who have just returned from their graduate studies. The programme is designed as a professional development initiative to continuously retool and reskill young academics with knowledge and skills about Teaching at Higher Education, especially in the area of pedagogy and instructional technology (Click here for more information). 

Everyone is gathered in a room before entering the hall

Ready to enter the hall

Haha, receiving the cert.

Yes, got it!!!

With my wife

Tiffany is attending her father's convo...

The family!!!

Finally, we did it!!!


  1. congratulations ....lega kan dah abis, tak yah nak fikir2 dah, up next is your Phd and Tiffany's convo :-)