Friday, March 23, 2012

Two Months with Samsung Galaxy Note (Review)

I was an iPhone user since 2009 and just decided to switch to Android in 2012. After browsing several brands and models, i decided to give it a try on Samsung Galaxy Note. 
Instead of buying the phone outright, i decided to go with Digi package as they were having an Internet Gila Sales promotion during that time. I got it for RM1549 (retail price is RM2299) and committed with RM48 per month, with 3GB of data instead of 1GB. According to the staff, only white Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a free original flip cover, which is also in white (see the photos). Recently, Digi has reduced the device price to RM1399 but the monthly commitment of RM48/43 is only come with 1GB of monthly data. For further information, please click here

My first concern was the size. Is 5.3" screen size too big? Is it able to fit nicely into my pocket?

Eventually, 5.3" is not too big. After few weeks using my Galaxy Note, when i happen to use my old iPhone 3GS to retrieve data, i just feel like the screen is too small!!! The 5.3" screen gives me a very comfortable view on everything on screen.

Does it fit into my pocket? Yes, it does fit nicely into my pocket, such as my working pants and cargo pants.

The quality of the photos is excellent especially the quality of the video. However, one thing that I don't like is the lagging of the camera shutter. After pressing the capture button, photo will be taken after about 0.5 second. Other than that, everything is fine.

Stay tune for further review... 

The battery life - If i just put it on standby and use it occasionally to check my FB and email, the battery has 16% left after 53 hours of usage.  

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