Thursday, July 11, 2013

Langkawi Conference Trip 13-16 November 2012

The first time i been to Langkawi was in 2005. If not because of the conference, i don't think i have any chances to visit Langkawi again after seven years. 

In overall, it's a beautiful island and i rented a car this time to explore the island by myself. At first i wanted to rent a smallest car but it was out of stock due to the public holidays. Therefore, i ended up with a Honda Civic which is too big and luxury for a solo traveller like me... haha. 

The only thing that put me down is the price of the goods in Langkawi. I was expected 'duty free' prices for all the goods in Langkawi but at last i realised that only alcohol, cigarettes and chocolate are under the category of 'duty free'. Frankly, some perfumes are even more expensive than the retail shops outside Langkawi. 

Anyway, these are the photos taken along the trip.    

At the Eagle Square!!!

Looking toward the Jetty Point

The hotel, Bella Vista

The hotel, Bella Vista

The night market (pasar malam) at Kuah Town

The most famous seafood stall in Langkawi, Wonderland Seafood

Waiting for my turn to present paper at the conference, One Helang Hotel

One of the shops in Jetty Point. Quite expensive even with discount... G-Shock...

The car that i rented (about RM160 per day)

Perdana Gallery (to showcase the collection of gifts and awards given to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) 

Some of the gifts...

Some of the gifts...

When he was young...

Black Sand Beach, Langkawi

Stop by to take photo while on my way to Oriental Village 

The entrance of Oriental Village and the cable car to the hill top is inside here

Shops in the village

Wonderland Seafood Langkawi!!!

Reasonable price!!!

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