Monday, January 11, 2010

The Best Free iPhone 3GS Games (Brief Reviews)


This is currently one of my most play games on my iPhone 3GS. The graphic is superb and the sound is excellent. Somemore, it is free to download from iTune.

Top Photo: This is the main screen for you to choose your battle modes, difficulties and levels.

The small screen shows the map and the small arrows show the entrance of the enemy.

Generally, this is a strategy game which need you to build defence towers nearby the entrance of the enemy and your defence gates. The main objective is to prevent the enemy reaching the heart of the map. There are 2 to 3 gates available on the map for you to defence and 6 types of weapon tower to build (depends on your level), some levels only allow you to build 4 from the 6.

Top Photo: This is the last level of the game which shows that all weapon towers are available in the game.

My suggestion is don't build unnecessary tower as it needs money to build it. Upgrade the weapon when you have money to increase the power as the life of the enemy also becomes strong when the game progressing.



This game needs to drive the four-wheel-drive from start to finish. Although it is just a 2D game, the graphic has showed an excellent detail with 6 levels to challenge.

The best time will be recorded and allow you to win either gold, silver or bronze trophy.

The level 6 has took me about a month to finish it and only manage to get a silver trophy. Looks easy, but it requires skills in controlling the accelerator and brake in order to avoid turn the four-wheel-drive up side down.

I love these free games because there is no advertisement appears during the gameplay, otherwise data will be charged according to kb.

More reviews are coming... so, stay tune!!!


  1. Nice graphics! Can I borrow you iPhone to play this game? hehehe

  2. aiyooo ...macam ini kah kawan???