Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snowboarding at Mt. Buller, Melbourne

It was my dream to do snowboarding since there are so many types of simulation games in Malaysia about snowboarding and ski. Ski is kind of too easy for me, perhaps... so i decided to do snowboarding!!!

I went to Muntain Buller in August 2009, during my one man show trip (5 days) in Melbourne. Never think of snowboarding can be that mucle demanding and tired, especially the legs.

With My Instructor

Before taking the 2 hours lesson, i went up the hill and with the confidence that i can make it myself without any coaching. However, i was wrong!!! I just keep falling on the snow from top, to the bottom of the hill.

After the 2 hours lesson, i manage to control the speed and slide from top, to the bottom of the hill without falling off, haha!!! One of my biggest achievements!!!

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