Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review of Air Max Turbulence+ 14 & Onitsuka Tiger (Zinnia Rakugaki)

Air Max Turbulence+ 14 is my new shoe for Chinese New Year. The original price is RM329 and i got it for about RM230.

It has a very soft and comfortable cushion under the insole and perform over my expectation. This would be my 1st choice for long hour standing and traveling.

Air Max Turbulence+ 14

The shoe also comes with Nikeplus system ( which could pair with iPod, iPhone, and SportBand to tell you your running distance, pace, time and calories burned.

Air Max Turbulence+ 14

Onitsuka Tiger (Zinnia Rakugaki)

I think this is a special edition (not sure) as it is not selling in Malaysia. One guy in 'The Spring' asked me where i bought it coz he likes the design.

Not much cushion and in fact, no extra cushion at all. Nice to wear for casual... but don't wear it for long hour walking or traveling, coz you are looking for trouble... haha

Onitsuka Tiger (Zinnia Rakugaki)

This shoe comes with two sets of shoe laces... purple and yellow. Yellow shoe lace is kind of too sharp for me, so i prefer to put the purple one all the time...

Tiger!!! For Year of Tiger!!! Hahaha

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