Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sakura at Yangming Shan National Park Taiwan (陽明山國家公園)

To go to Yangming Shan National Park, first you need to stop at the Jiantan MRT Station (劍潭). There are two buses going to Yangming Shan National Park (Bus 126 and 127) as shown in the photo below. Actually it is not on the 'Holiday' only, but on weekends only. The 'bus stop' is just outside the MRT Jiantan MRT Station (劍潭), Exit 1. 

This is the 'bus stop' to Yangming Shan National Park Taiwan (陽明山國家公園). Don't worry about the stops, as Yangming Shan is at the last stop of the route. So, just sit back and relax...

Remember to buy easy card at any of the MRT Station, so that it is easier for you to commute by using public transport around Taipei. There are many packages offered by the Easycard Corporation and there are 2 packages which could be bought by the tourist. The first one is TaipeiPass (台北觀光護照). You can buy the one, two, three or five-day package for unlimited ride of all public transports within the duration of the package. The price is as follow:
1. 1 day pass: NTD 180
2. 2 day pass: NTD 310
3. 3 day pass: NTD 440
4. 5 day pass: NTD 700

However, there is no refund of the card, so after the duration of the card, you can bring it back as a souvenir. The package that i use is the second one which called Normal card. You have to pay NTD500 to buy the card, NTD100 is the deposit which can be refunded when you returned the card to any of the MRT counter. NTD400 is the credit for you to use and it can be recharged upon your need.   

At the entrance of the Park. Oh, i have to mention here, there is no entrance fee!!!

On the half way to see Sakura, there are many stalls at the road side for you to enjoy the snacks and foods of Taiwan. Quite cheap and the most important thing is... tasty!!! We tried the fresh tomato, very small in size but very juicy!!!

Three juicy sausages for NTW100 (around RM10) 


The 'must take photo' place!!!

Try to pose with the flowers without looking like a gay... hahaha

Ladies: 'scream'!!!!!

Para-para Sakura!!!

In action...

After this stop, we were taking an internal shutter bus to go another interesting point for lunch and sightseeing which will be posted on the next post.  


  1. Yes, people are very polite and friendly. I love the night market very much!!!