Saturday, April 2, 2011

Taipei City 臺北

First day in Taipei!!! I was very tired in the first day because i have to overnight at Kota Kinabalu Airport in order catch the flight to Taipei at 6.20am. 

View of Taoyuan, Taiwan 

View of Taoyuan, Taiwan 

Welcome by Fahrenheit 飞轮海 at the Taoyuan Airport, haha

To ease our hunger while waiting for my sister in law to arrive from Singapore, we bought this sushi from the airport 7-11. Cost us around RM4 and it was huge and delicious. Another purpose of buying the sushi was because of changing notes. The notes that we got from Malaysia money changer are all NTD 1000. So we need to buy something in order to get small notes. Gentle reminder to tourists, please change your money at the airport money changer as there is no place for you to change your notes in the city except the HQ of certain banks such as Taiwan Bank. During my trip, I thought I can find money changer in the city just like other countries. However, that is not the case in Taiwan.  

Mostly Chinese words on the packaging. If you can't read, then you better ask. Don't worry about asking people because they are very friendly and polite. In order to commute from the Taoyuan International Airport to the Taipei city, we have taken bus no. 5201 which cost us NTD150 (around RM15). It takes around 35 minutes to reach Shuanglian MRT Station which is only a stop away from Zhongshan MRT Station, the place where we stayed. If you wanna go to Taipei 101, just take the MRT to Taipei City Hall stop, from there you can either walk, will take you about 15 minutes, or Taxi, which will cost you about NTD70, to reach Taipei 101.

The Taipei City 

The Taipei City and the shopping mall, Xing Guang San Yue (新光三越) All branded stuffs available in the mall but very costly...

Taipei City

Tapei 101 Tower and I...
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  1. that sushi is so cheap! Makes me want to go to Sushi King lah ...jom pi Sushi King anytime this week kalau kiter free :-)

  2. No problem, i'm free from Wednesday until Friday