Monday, June 14, 2010

Dongmen Shopping Street in Shenzhen (东门步行街)

All of these photos were taken in Shen Zhen, Dong Men Shopping Street. Some reviews on the internet said that there are a lot of pick pockets and tourists should be aware of that. Therefore, i brought an internal pocket which can tie along my waist and hide under the shirt.

However, in my almost nine hours shopping experience over there, didn't see any suspicious person around me... consider lucky or the reviews on the internet are not true???

The reviews also suggested tourist to mark their notes as the sellers might change the real notes that you gave them, to a fake one. Then they will return the fake one to you and required you to give them another note that you have... Similar to other reviews, nothing like this happen in my trip although i followed the suggestion to mark my notes... haha.

The photo below i personally called it Shoes Mountain. Don't think of original or authentic products as nothing authentic there...

I saw a tourist asked for the price then walked away, and he was scolded by the sales person... The lesson is... don't ask if you don't wanna buy... Actually the price is RMB 30 per pair not RMB19.


Dong Men Shopping Street

Yes, it is RMB 19.00 each but she doesn't buy coz of the quality...

I have several posts regrading my Shen Zhen and Hong Kong trip on this blog. Please use the search engine on the left to search for it. Questions are welcome as well. Happy reading!!!

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