Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hong Kong (Mong Kok) and China (Shen Zhen) Worth to go to Shen Zhen?

The most authentic road side food, 'Stinky Tao Fu' (Tau Fu Busuk) in Mong Kok. This is the first time i smell it myself and it is really... stinky!!! Not dare to order that... We later decided to try the fish balls which is selling HKD9.00 for two sticks, five balls on each stick. Must try it together with the sweet source, very tasty!!!

This is the Lo Wu Commercial Centre, Shen Zhen. It is just located next to the HK/Shen Zhen MTR Station. It took us about 35 minutes by MTR from Mong Kok East Station to Lu Wu Station. Then spent about 40 minutes for immi clearance... Instead of going into the centre, we were going to 'Dong Men' first where products are selling mush more cheaper than this commercial centre.

This is HK...

Reached Dong Men by taxi. Almost every driver in Shen Zhen is a 'F1 Driver'... What they know is just pressing the accelerator and taking other's lane... quite scary...

Lo Wu Commercial Centre
It is not woth to go to Shen Zhen if you like branded products. In fact, the quality of low end clothes are just so so. Feel like wasted my one day there for nothing. The only thing i bought was iPhone soft cases, which was only about RM5.00 each.

Other photos about Shen Zhen will be uploaded in the coming next post.


  1. Boss, reader got demand. Pls share with us what you bought :D Sure a lot one!

  2. Mmm... I bought most of my things from HK lah not SZ. T-shirt, bags, perfume, shoes and slipper