Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hong Kong Trip (1st night at Mong Kok)

This one is still in Kuching Airport. Obviously, feel excited about the trip...

Arrived at the HK International Airport. Didn't expect that the general customer service in HK is that bad or unfriendly even in the airport which is the first place for visitors to have a first hand feel of what HK is... Now i understand why foreigners said Malaysians are friendly...

Waiting for Bus No A21 which would bring us from the airport to Mong Kok , stop no. 7 (where our hotel located). Cost HKD33 per person.

Tips: It is better to buy an Octopus card at the airport so that you can use all kind of public transports in HK without using cash. All you need to do is just to put that card near the reader either on the bus/entrance of MTR in order to access the public transport services. Need to pay HKD50 deposit for the card and refundable when you leave HK together with the balance of the card.

Unfortunately, we forgot to return the Octopus card and get the deposit back when leaving HK. So, just keep it for our next trip.

Our first dinner in Hong Kong. This rice cost me about HKD 29.50.

This Beef Kueh Teow cost about HKD 32.50.


  1. that beef hor fun looks yummy lah ....mana gambar2 lain???

  2. Food in HK is just so so lah. Our food is much more better!!!